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Haters fail to dampen new hope

By Albert H. Fulcher

Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

White supremacist groups around the country have been busy in the run-up to the recent “inniggeration” of President Barack Obama. Recruitment has increased. Racists who normally might not associate themselves with extremist groups are coming out of the woodwork since the White House became home to its first black family. Though there is much joy across the world, there are a lot of unhappy extremists breeding hatred.

Here is the lead to a story written by Vernan McNew on www.

“Today marks a momentous occasion in the history of our once great nation, as the bastard son of a third world negro and a race mixing white whore takes his place in the highest seat in our government. It’s taken better than a hundred years and more lies than anyone can count, but it has finally happened. Truly this is a sad day for all White Americans.”

Web sites and blogs are filled with this ilk of hateful language. California ranks number one in the nation with 80 organized hate groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Neo-Nazi, Aryan Nation, White Nationalist, Racist Skinhead, Ku Klux Klan, Black Separatist and other general hate groups are alive and thriving in the shadows of worldwide joy.

There is one thing, clearly evident, reading the various blogs that are open to the general public. These are not all knuckle-dragging, uneducated, ignorant people with nothing more to do than rant about hatred toward other races (though there are plenty of those too). These are organized groups with smart people in all walks of life.

Topics during the course of the inauguration ranged from raw, discriminating jokes to making sure that they were watching the inauguration (from a safe distance) in case someone decided to put a bullet through the president’s head. These were not direct threats, but wishes, desires and beliefs from racists that someone will eventually step up to the plate and “do the world a favor.”

Abandoning the use of violence which did not work for them in the past, some are promoting education and infiltration as the next wave of the “revolution.” Racists want like-minded people to support the cause and find its way into offices of power. Their ultimate goal is “to prevent the extinction of the white race.”

In reading the various blogs, it is evident that hatred is the root of what binds them together. They might claim religion and the Founding Fathers to justify themselves, but it boils down to pure hatred of races and beliefs other than their own.

White America does not monopolize racism in this diverse country. There are plenty of other hate groups from different ethnicities. Among others, there are organized Hispanic hate groups whose ultimate goal is to “Hispanicize” America and Black Separatist groups which are just as virulent.

Each group claims to be a minority or on the brink of becoming a minority. Well, they are right. They belong to the minority. Extremist hate groups are a very small portion of America’s population and their ideals and beliefs are not typically tolerated by the American populace.

Those who choose to live in hate, choose to live in the minority. Have your freedom of speech, for that is all you have. Extreme racists will always be in the minority. There are too many “whities,” “nigger-lovers,” “kikes,” “spiks,” “buttpirates,” “canucks,” “liberals” and all of the other names I was unfortunate enough to stumble across to ensure that hate does not succeed.

Let me hear your voice.


Rush is wrong, Obama deserves our support

Rush is wrong, Obama deserves our support

 By Albert H. Fulcher

Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Since announcing his candidacy, a record amount of hate mail and propaganda have followed President Barack Obama all the way to the White House. He became the first presidential candidate to receive Secret Service protection 18 months before the election.

Finding common ground when it comes to national issues is essential or we are doomed as a society. Many great nations have fallen thinking they, too, were the driving force in the world. Disregarding and disrespecting the democratic process will get us nowhere. Honoring the process and respecting the office is where focus is needed.

It has been a long campaign for both sides and without a doubt one of the most historical elections in our nation’s short history. Obama won fair and square by a landslide. There were no mishaps, no recounting of ballots, and he clearly won both the popular and electoral votes.

Rush Limbaugh, host of one of America’s most listened radio talk shows, was asked for a submission concerning his hopes for the Obama presidency. The submission was to be released with opinions from other hand-selected participants.

“Okay, I’ll send you a response, but I don’t need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails,” said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh’s bombastic style of headline-grabbing broadcasting would be better suited for the tabloids. He must live in the States of America, as he surely has disregarded the most important word, United.

America’s economy is faltering. Individuals are losing jobs and homes in record numbers. School systems are struggling to provide adults and children a proper education. Our military forces are so stretched it is possible that we do not have the means to defend our own homeland if needed, while our elected officials argue the same issues over and over again.

It is unrealistic to expect all to agree on everything. This nation has many cultures with different religions, beliefs and moral judgments, striving to live peacefully together.

These differences are our strength. They are also what divides us as a nation. People have their beliefs when it comes to delicate issues such as abortion, war, immigration, marriage and the government oversight of private enterprise. Finding compromise in these areas is going to be difficult.

Fundamental principles that have been the cornerstone of our very existence cannot be forgotten.

Religious freedom is what brought the Pilgrims to this land, and the First Amendment protects the people from the government dictating religious beliefs to any person.

The Statue of Liberty is supposed to remind us that we are a nation of immigrants. Engraved upon the plaque located inside the Statue of Liberty Monument is an exerpt from Emma Lazarus’ ageless poem, “The New Colossus,”

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Civil rights for all people should be automatic in a nation that claims to be the land of the free.

Give President Obama the time to work on these important issues. None of them appeared overnight and none of them will go away that quickly. If Senator John McCain had won, the same should and would have been said.

Voice your opinions on the policies you like and the ones you do not. Most Americans understand and fully exercise their right to free speech. It is a right and a responsibility for every person to let their views be known from their local representatives all the way to the White House. When this is done in threats and hatred it becomes gibberish and should be dealt with appropriately. Throw the hatred away and eliminate the threats.

No one is going to get everything they want their way. Only dictators have that distinct privilege.

Bipartisan is a word that is disliked by many individuals. Sore losers and arrogant winners only see in black and white. It is the rest of the people in the United States of America that suffer from their tunnel vision.

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