The Human Chord

Ecstasy can be euphoric and deadly

By Albert H. Fulcher

Published: Monday, April 13, 2009

When it starts coming on, the clarity hits. Once enlightened, you see in luminosity and the depth of your perception is at its peak. Euphorically, traveling in your senses, you are filled with awe, fantasy and desire. Your flesh is hot and the lightest touch brings unspeakable pleasure.

Oh, and let’s not forget the sex! Intensity reigns over the entire body. Touching becomes orgasmic and orgasms light up your world in an explosion of uncontrollable gratification. For hours you stay in this rapture of self-indulgent pleasure.

They don’t call it “ecstasy” for nothing.

Street E is frequently a combination of methamphetamine and LSD, a dangerous cocktail that can contain ingredients such as Drano or strychnine. Buying pure ecstasy is next to impossible. Therein lies the danger.

Ecstasy is a synthetic mixture of speed (amphetamine) and mescaline (hallucinogenic). Different pill colors and stamped trademarks can lead people to believe they are taking the pharmaceutical brand, but in many cases that is not the truth.

Ecstasy, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), in its pharmaceutical form, has been in use since 1913, and is by far the most popular drug among recreational users. Dieting and psychotherapy were its original targets, with deadly results. Documented cases of permanent and fatal repercussions eventually led to its criminalization in all countries under a United Nations agreement.

The properties which give ecstasy its unique sense-enhancement also damage the neurons in your brain, impair your senses, memory, judgment and coordination, at first temporarily then eventually permanently. Neurons that supposedly heal over time may not heal correctly.

Ecstasy increases heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to liver and kidney failure. The rate in which E raises your body temperature, especially in combination with long-term dancing and intense sexual play, is a risky combination. Extreme hyperthermia can melt your arteries, causing the brain to swell leading to death or a coma. Mixing ecstasy with alcohol, water and other prescription drugs like Viagra is dangerous.

Dangerous, risky and deadly is the mark of ecstasy.

Do not be ignorant about something so dodgy. Do your homework. The price of ecstasy could be brain damage or death.

Ecstasy users trade a few moments of fun for a lifetime of grief for everyone important in their lives. Part of them will die with you.

Let me hear your voice.

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