Get to know Albert

Freelance journalist, fighting his way through and looking for any opportunity to write. Finding my passion later in life, I believe news is a public service and fairness in reporting the news an essential element in seeking the truth.

I specialize in hyper-localized news media, working with local online and print media. I am a frequent contributor reporting news with coverage of city council, education and local awareness for Serving my home of Imperial Beach, Calif., resting by the California/Mexico Border and nearby historical neighborhood Lemon Grove, I have lived in San Diego County since 1988.

My work with Patch gives me the opportunity to write and share articles with other Patch networks in the surrounding communities. As a freelancer I have been published in Newsweek, The Huffington Post and San Diego Newsroom. I earned two associate’s degrees, Journalism and Microsoft Office Information Specialist and taken many extra-curricular classes to broaden my knowledge and hone my skills.

Working with The SUN, Southwestern College it has been a privilege to work with what I believe is one of the most diverse and talented group of writers, photographers, designers, cartoonist and leaders. The SUN is the nation’s #1 two-year college newspaper and #2 out of all colleges and universities.

On the editorial board, I have been campus editor, news editor and editor-in-chief. Through several college and professional news organizations, I have earned many local and national awards in news, feature writing, profiles and column writing.

My portfolio consist news, community, opinion, arts, design, photography, video, illustrations and sports. I am a ten-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and have more than twenty-years of business management and administration experience. I have worked as guest editor for Imperial Beach Patch.

In traveling the world, I have soaked up the culture and diversity this world has to offer and embraced every new place and person that changed my life one moment at a time.

Personally, I am liberal and outspoken when it comes to human rights, the environment we depend on and reporting the truth. News without integrity has no foundation if it violates Journalism’s Code of Ethics.

If you really want to know what makes Albert tick (or ticks him off), read my column The Human Chord, or Albert’s Latest tabs on the home page. Hidden in there is the heart of me as I talk about the many issues we face today. Listen closely and you will hear my voice.

But don’t let that scare you. I believe in your rights as much as I do mine and will respect you for your convictions.

I believe that there is a life worth writing about behind every person I meet. Allow me to tell your story.

-Writing is a passion and the story behind it the silent muse.



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