Watching the Implosion of the South Bay Power Plant From Imperial Beach

After more than 50 years, the South Bay Power Plant crumbled as a set of explosions demolished the facility, making way for the Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan. Shortly after 7:00 a.m., on Saturday, February 2, 2013, here is what the implosion looked like from across the bay in Imperial Beach, Calif.


Along with the rest of the bay, Imperial Beach’s 4th of July Big Bay Boom goes up in smoke

2012 Pow Wow by the Sea

Native American Chief

With more than 50 Native American tribes represented the 2012 Pow Wow by the Sea was held this weekend on Kumeyaay land, i.e., Imperial Beach.

native american pow wow clothing

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Memorial Day, Remember Prisoners of War and Missing in Action

REMEMBERING–Prisoner of War and Missing in Action table setting.



Those heroes, those Americans, are also with us in spirit this evening and we honor them with this small table set for one.

I would like to explain the meaning of the items on this special table.

The table is round — to show our everlasting concern for our fallen and our missing.


The tablecloth is white — symbolizing the purity of America, the hearts and minds of our young military members who have fallen on the battlefield and the children and civilians who perished when America was attacked.


The single red rose, displayed in a vase, reminds us of the life of each of our fallen, and the loved ones and friends who miss them each and every day.


The vase is a symbol of our continued determination to remember our fallen, find our missing, and display the Patriotism that is America.


A yellow ribbon that was worn by thousands who awaited their return.


A slice of lemon on the bread plate is to remind us of the bitter fate of those who will never return.


A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears endured by the friends and families of those who have fallen and of those who have not returned, and by the saddened and frightened American who could do nothing as our country was attacked.


The Bible represents the strength gained through faith to find peace and sustain those lost and missing.


The glass is inverted, they cannot toast with us at this time.


The chair is empty — they are no longer with us.

Let us remember – and never forget.


Apple Award winners

Apple Award winners

Posted on March 20, 2012

Pictured above is Aaron Edwards, the editor-in-chief of The Ithacan at Ithaca College in upstate New York. His staff entered him in our annual Apple Awards for Best Student Media Leader.

He didn’t win.

Edwards didn’t even place or show. So why are we mentioning him? Because he came in fourth – and the margin between first and fourth was so razor-thin, we didn’t want him to go unnoticed.

This was our first year for the category of Best Student Media Leader, and we had no idea how to pick a winner. The sad fact is, we couldn’t find another contest in the country that recognizes a college newsroom leader. When we asked around, we heard from other journalism organizations, “How would you even do that?”

So we required a letter signed by at least three staff members, or a YouTube video featuring at least three staffers, attesting to the greatness of their EIC or station manager. Then our judges used those documents to decide the finalists. They interviewed them via Google Hangout and voted.

But if you want to see how good a fourth-place entry looked, watch this video that Edwards’ staff assembled. He didn’t win an Apple, but he’s won something much more crucial – the loyalty of his peers.

So who beat out Edwards? This guy, Albert Fulcher. His story is one of disease, certain death, endurance, censorship, and triumph. Really compelling stuff. Read what Fulcher’s staff wrote about him and weep (literally). Makes you wonder why no one else has done a best Student Media Leader award.

Then again, that’s what the Apple Awards are all about – rewarding college media efforts no one else does. Hence, Best Tweet, Best Sex Column, and Best Newspaper Under 5,000 Circulation, just to name a few.

Thus endeth the sermon for today. Here are your winners…

Best  Facebook  Page

  1. The Daily Collegian, Penn State University
  2. The Pendulum, Elon University
  3. The Lewis Flyer, Lewis University

Best  Tweet

  1. Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech
  2. The Oklahoma Daily/,
    University of Oklahoma
  3. Distraction Magazine,
    University of Miami

Best  Homepage

  1. The Chronicle, Duke University
  2. Lake Front, Our Lady of the Lake University
  3. Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech

Best  Multimedia  Package

  1. Indiana University Student Media, Indiana University
  2. The Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech
  3. The Baylor Lariat, Baylor University

Best  Entertainment  Broadcast

  1. Texas Student Television, The University of Texas at Austin
  2. Mayhem Entertainment, Loyola Marymount University
  3. Henderson Television (HTV), Henderson State University

Best  Sex  Column

  1. The Chronicle, Duke University
  2. Golden Gate Xpress, San Francisco State University
  3. The Daily Titan, California State University, Fullerton

Best  Newspaper  (5,000  to  10,000  Students)

  1. The Ithacan, Ithaca College
  2. The Sentinel, North Idaho College
  3. The Creightonian, Creighton University

Best  Newspaper  (Under  5,000  Students)

  1. The Rice Thresher, Rice University
  2. RWU Hawks’ Herald, Roger Williams University
  3. The Mirror, Fairfield University

Best  Newspaper  (Over  10,000  Students)

  1. Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University
  2. Golden Gate Xpress, San Francisco State University
  3. InsideVandy, Vanderbilt University

Best  Yearbook  Cover

  1. The Kentuckian, University of Kentucky
  2. The Tower, Northwest Missouri State
  3. Ibis Yearbook, University of Miami

Best  Yearbook  Spread

  1. The Baylor Lariat, Baylor University
  2. The Tower, Northwest Missouri State
  3. Ibis Yearbook, University of Miami

Best  Magazine  Cover

  1. The Minaret, The University of Tampa
  2. Minero, The University of Texas at El Paso
  3. Echo Magazine, Columbia College Chicago

Best  Magazine  Spread

  1. The Connector & SCAN Magazine, Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta
  2. Tempo Magazine, Coastal Carolina University
  3. Indiana University Student Media, Indiana University

Best  Print  Ad

  1. The College VOICE, Mercer County Community College
  2. The Daily Titan, California State University, Fullerton
  3. Indiana University Student Media, Indiana University

Best  Student  Media  Leader

  • Albert Fulcher, Southwestern College Sun, Southwestern College
  • Matthew Parrino, The Spectrum, University at Buffalo
Zach Crizer, Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech

Southwestern College Reception Welcomes Superintendent Dr. Melinda Nish

A reception for Southwestern College’s new superintendent drew a crowd of more than 100 people from the college and local community. Student musicians entertained the party as the college’s culinary students catered the event. Dr. Melinda Nish came to Southwestern on January 2, with more than 20 years of educational experience from Orange Coast College after an extensive search resulting in 34 candidates.

Governing Board President Norma Hernandez said the search began in February 2011 with the establishment of a process that was open and inclusive. She said a 19-member committee consisting of faculty, students, staff, administrators and community members had specific values in searching for a replacement.

Hernandez said specific qualities necessary to take the college to the next level of academic success identified were the ability to be consensus builder and problem solver and a collegial and collaborative leader that is accessible and listens. A supporter of the teaching and learning environment, a strong advocate for college constituents and values partnerships with other segments of education, business and community based organizations also factored into the hiring selection.

“We found a leader with all of these qualities in Dr. Melinda Nish,” said Hernandez.

Nish said she had never encountered such a warm welcome as she has in the college and its community.

“It truly is a very special place and I am honored to have become a member,” she said. “Indeed I hope an adopted daughter of Southwestern College and the South Bay community.”

Seven Hours in Fifteen Minutes, Sweetwater defendants find little solace in open session’s public comment.

Seven Hours in Fifteen Minutes

For those that missed it, here is “seven hours in 15 minutes” of public comment at the Sweetwater Union High School District held On January 30.

Board members and administrator face almost 800 people in open session. On the agenda, a request for the district to fund an estimated $1.2 million in legal fees for current and past board members and administrators charges with several felony and misdemeanor charges in District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ pay to play corruption charges.

With almost seven hours of open session, teachers, students and the community speak out against the alleged corruption giving receiving little support.  Not only did public speakers speak against those charged with crimes, but Board Member John McCann and Superintentent Dr. Edward Brant got an earful from the public in their roles in what that majority of speakers called a long time of controversy, corruption and lies. Legal fees, the Vega Report, recall petitions, wrongful hiring, campaign contributions and Brown Act violations, stepping down from office and a strange cat fight between members of the public and Board Member John McCann dominated the long night.

Board Member Arlie Ricasa defended the need for funds, but offered “conditions” be added to the agenda that if found guilty of any charges, the money should be paid back in full.


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